Are you struggling to achieve the active goals that matter?

Whether you need to be free of stubborn injury to get your active life back on track or make running easier so you can smash your goals.

We will help you overcome limitations and unlock your peak potential

Injury rehab & prevention

Traditional treatments not working? Putting up with frustrating aches and pains?  Been told that is as good as it gets?

Take back control of your health.  Learn how you can fix yourself.  Get out of pain, fix the root cause and prevent pain coming back.

Get back to living a full, active life.

Make running easier

Running injuries stopping you in your tracks?

Running out of steam too soon? Struggling with hills? 

Want to be a better, more skilled runner and get help hitting a goal? 

Learn running skills and upgrade your body mechanics so running faster is more effortless, running further is childsplay.

Prevent pain, supercharge performance

Why manage pain symptoms when you can prevent them?  Build a more resilient body, prevent pain and be more capable.  Unlock more of your natural ability.

Discover the power of upgrading your body-mechanics. And the untapped potential of your breath…

Do what you always do and get what you always got.

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Join the Health & Fitness Revolution

We're Phil & Julie

There are long-held health & fitness myths holding you back.
There are simple ways to change how you move that will transform how you feel everyday. You can learn to treat and prevent injury, live without those aches & pains you think are just normal and unlock your peak potential

Far from run of the mill

We will show you the astonishing power of building essential stability and quality body mechanics. This is FAR from your run of the mill approach to health and fitness. If you are willing to step out of the familiar you will be amazed at what you are capable of.

Instead of waiting for someone or some product to fix you, learn how you can take back control of your body and fix yourself. We will uncover the root cause of your problems and then guide you step by step to fix yourself. YOu will use these skills for the rest of your life.  

  • Reduce wear and tear
  • Prevent new problems 
  • Be more physically capable than you think possible
  • and stay that way for longer

This approach is the result of years of research.  Following traditional advice left us broken.  We started by fixing ourselves….. 

What do our clients say

You’re the first person I’ve met (and I have met A LOT of healthcare practitioners, holistic therapists, yoga teachers etc. in the last few years!) who has understood where I’m at and what the real issues are so for that I will always be grateful.  I have already recommended you to other people in a similar place. I felt pretty bleak when I look back where I was but this has definitely helped me feel positive about the future in terms of what I can achieve. 

Sarah Morton

Sarah Morton

I believe the Oxygen Advantage really did help deal with altitude better on my trek to Everest base camp.  As we ascended both Chris and I could feel the lack of oxygen but using the nasal breathing techniques you taught us, we seemed to adjust faster than the rest of the group. There were also several members suffering with symptoms of AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) we didn’t have any problems. I was also very surprised that my SPO2 levels, as mine barely dropped below 90.  The other benefit now I am back home , I  sleeping like a baby and no longer snoring!"

Chris Chadwick

Dave McBride

I want to say a massive thanks to Phil for all his efforts to get me and Dave ready for our trek to Everst Base Camp.  It really helped me mentally prepare for the trip knowing I had these Oxygen Advantage breathing techniques up my sleeve to deal with the altitude.

I would say to anyone looking to get those extra gains that this technique really helps open up your airwaves and get more oxygen into your system. This in turn helps you go for longer, recover quicker and push yourselves that extra level.

Chris Chadwick

Chris Chadwick

Julie supported me through my cancer treatment and after an operation on my neck. She was kind, considerate and creative in her yoga exercises to aid my recovery. She was flexible with the sessions depending on my fatigue and health needs.  Julie has taught me some invaluable stretches and exercises to restore my muscles and body after such trauma. I am delighted to say i now have full use of my arm and shoulder. I still regularly practise everything she taught me. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Sarah Goodall

Sarah Goodall

By assessing my body’s entire range of movement Julie was able to identify the route-cause of the adductor strain and develop a program to address this. Over the weeks we improved movement in other areas of the body, like my back, shoulders, neck and core, and I saw how this impacted the injured area.  Although I’m still conscious of my injury,  I am now hiking and running without any pain. I am feeling much less stiff, have a great range of motion – and importantly – I don’t hurt anymore! I am definitely approaching my daily routine with a new vigour, and sense of wellness and calm. The impact on my whole well-being is incredible.

Olly Caunt

Olly Caunt

I took a back to basics running course with Phil & Julie last year (just after completing an ultra-marathon) because I wanted to improve certain aspects of my running… mainly around running more efficiently over a longer distance… what happened next was Phil & Julie turned everything upside down by showing me what was really important…Fixing issues in my technique, balance & body alignment!  I can’t speak highly enough of how hard they work & how much effort they put into to what they do. The difference they’ve made to my running & overall wellbeing is incredible… in fact, so much so that I’ve just booked on their next course!

Steve Rees

I was paying for an osteopath, waiting for the NHS.  But it felt like there was no end in sight.  But working with Julie on the corrective exercise has been very successful.  I feel I am getting stronger each week. It’s been liberating!  Through this process I will end up better than before the pain started.  So in a way it was a bit of a wakeup call and will set me up for the future.

Pam Darwin

After 10 years of playing football, I was suffering back and knee pain and issues. I was thinking of packing it in. But after regular yoga classes with Julie and some 121 sessions, have seen a massive decrease in injuries and I am still playing!

Carl Willcox

Carl Willcox

Everything starts with our unique full body MOT's

We don't guess - we assess.

You will not of experienced anything like our MOT’s before.  It will provide a huge amount of information on the condition of your body and how efficiently it is working.

Wherever your pain is we will find what is likely causing it and the excess wear and tear lurking beneath the surface. Waiting to become a problem…. Fix existing problems and stop new ones in their tracks.

“I was overwhelmed by how thorough the MOT was. Every possible measurement was taken to find any misalignments in my body. I definitely felt in safe hands and Julie really knew what she was doing” 

Rick, Ramsbottom

Which one is best for you?

Launch offer - All MOT's only £79

Live Pain Free MOT

Reveal WHY you have an injury or pain.  So we can treat pain symptoms AND resolve the root cause.  Stop pain coming back or moving elsewhere in the body.

Unique Runner's MOT

Discover how effficient your running is today.  Uncover your injury risk and   the biomechanical faults and compensations impacting what you are capable of.

Prevent, Perform MOT

Discover the condition of your body inside-out, your injury  risk profile and the wear and tear beneath the surface.  Understand the biomechanical faults and limitations holding you back.

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Ready to take the bull by the horns? Fed up of being injured, putting up with niggles or just ready to take your running ot the next level? If you are willing to throw convention out the window and try something new, then let’s chat.

Let us know where you are, what’s holding you back and where you want to go. We can explain how our step by step process will get you there… Don’t just hit your goals, smash them and see you are capable of so much more!

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