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10 Tips How to survive working at home

Working at home for long periods can be challenging! Particularly if you are not used to it.  Feeling less connected, less effective it’s easy to become distracted or at the other end of the scale work longer hours with less breaks.  Here are 10 tips from my experiences over 20 years f working at home….

Secret success strategy #2 Core values

In secret success strategy #1 we looked at
What is your goal or resolution and what is your WHY?  And how do your goals relate to a wider vision or dream or fears?

This week how core values can help shape your choices and help you feel happy and fulfilled.

Secret success strategy #1 Find your why, build your vision

Secret Success strategy #1 – Find your why, build your vision Without fully exploring your why and establishing a strong motive, you will have no real reason to stick with change once your will power declines. Let’s use an example to make this easier…. You started a regular stretch, recovery and conditioning program,  to complement …

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Why posture is important – a little bit of history

Humans evolved over MILLIONS of years…and so did our upright posture.

100,000 years ago homo sapiens become the only human species.  For most of that time we lived in hunter gatherer groups.  That is how our bodies and minds evolved. We lived in nature and were dependent on our ability to walk, run and move.

comfort is as much about being stronger as it is being flexible

Our aches and pains are not always the result of tight and tense muscles.  For every tight muscle, there is an associated long weak one.  To create balance and comfort we must ensure these weak muscles are strengthened and taking their share of the work.  Bodies are complicated, interconnected organisms and we cannot simply divide the body up into separate muscles to “fix”.  We need to consider that often the place where we feel pain is not always where the root cause is. 

Yoga reclaims running for Alastair

“The result is I’m now significantly more flexible, have improved posture and balance and have improved the levels of comfort in my body.  I have been able to take what I have learnt and confidently practice at home too.  I’ve seen such an improvement that I have been able to start running again and have now signed up for a triathlon for the first time in 6 years.”

It’s never too late to take care of you

It’s never too late to start taking care of you…..

Getting older does not mean accepting increasingly tight, aching muscles and joints or limitations to your movement. We all get older, but we do not have to get infirm.

Take control of your health & fitness and make the most of your life.

A holistic personal training program will help you look and feel your best for the long term.

We don’t take not a one sizes fits all approach.

Our tailored, individual programs will get to the root cause of your challenges so we can resolve them, together. We help you make small changes you can stick to which build big impact.

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