Sick and tired of pain & injuries? Ready to learn how to run injury free?

You get back from a run and there is definite pain... A knee, hip, ankle or back?

It was all going so well until then too.  When you try running again it feels creaky and uncomfortable at best, at worst it’s unbearable so you have to stop.

You see the physio, have a massage and rest until it feels good enough to run again.

Back running – yey! It But then more pain. Maybe the same or somewhere else this time.  You are in this frustrating cycle of running, painful niggles, injury, spending money and time on physio, forced time off to recover.  

You buy knee straps, new trainers, insoles…. Anything to prop up your body so you can get back out there. But that’s normal – right?

Until it’s just too painful, or a bigger injury crops up. So it’s months off and you are not sure how to get started again.  Or you try biking instead. Frustrated and fed up. Thinking maybe running isn’t for you, or its your age. It’s easier to just give up.

We will show you how to take control of your body & transform your running. To run injury free...

Every run feels smooth and comfortable. No pain on your run, no pain after.

Running further and faster. Setting goals and knowing you can hit them.

Feeling more in control, confident you know how to prevent pain and injury.

Enjoying regular runs each week. Ticking off milestones, setting new PB's.

Imagine yourself in 6 months achieving goals that feel out of reach

You are stronger, more capable, without niggles, you are pain free.  No forced time off to rest so you have made consistent progres and are running further and faster than you thought possible.  You feel smooth, comfortable and skilled.  You have so much more knowledge about running and how your body works and feel miles more confident that you know what to do to prevent injury.

You are loving heading out on running adventures, seeing new trails, with new running mates.  Feeling accomplished, running further than seemed possible and have even smashed a few PBs without feeling beaten up.

“Everything hurt, feet, ankles, back, knee… I was ready to burn my running shoes and give up. But luckily I found this program with Phil and Julie. I am now running 15 miles a week – pain free, injury free and I am working towards a half marathon. That did not seem possible before”  Steve, Tottington

Hi there.... We're Phil & Julie. Why did we build our Rebuild & Run course?

Phil is a Senior ChiRunning Instructor and foot mechanics guru.  As a CHEK practitioner I specialise in body mechanics (how your body works) to help people rehab & prevent injury then supercharge their sports performance. 

All too often we saw clients struggling with painful niggles, getting injured because of their running. They knew that run technique could help and were trying hard to master the necessary skills. But we could see they were battling against a body that was not ready or capable of moving that way. We knew that we could help them but needed a different approach.

So we put together a step by step process using proven principles. That would build a body from the ground up, that was capable of developing essential run skills and techniques.  We knew that to get a result the program MUST be  personalised to each individual. But that it should be cost effective compared to our 121 programs so that more people could benefit.

It was amazing to see the difference it made. We love to see runners having those light bulb moments when it all starts to slot together and we see the joy on their faces. It’s why we do what we do.

Tracey was relatively new to running when she joined us on our recent course….

I reached a milestone that I didn’t think was possible today and ran 5k in under 30 minutes.

Thank you for providing me with the tools to achieve this.  Next up 10k in under an hour.  Tracey, Bacup

Myth #1 Running alone will not fix your body and here's why

We see so many runners trying to fix themselves by doing more running.  Trying to learn a technique only to end up injured again after a few months.  Why?

Mastering a technique is more than learning HOW.  You need to make sure your body is ready and capable. For example. do you have enough flexibility in glutes, hips and hammies to lengthen your stride backwards? Will your calves and achilles allow you to lean from the ankles?

What about stability? Are your hips able to prevent your feet and knees rolling in? And Are your feet capable of supporting the rest of your legs?

In our experience, for the vast majority of us being able to achieve this means doing some essential maintenance. 

Let us cut through any confusion and show you exactly what and how you need to do.

Myth #2 - All you need is strong glutes

Ever been told you need to strengthen your glutes? Or fix your hip flexors. No, wait it’s core work that will save you  -right?  There is nothing wrong with those specific exercises.  BUT, you are more than one muscle. You are a complex, connected system, a whole person. Breaking the body up into parts is never going to work. What if your glutes are already super tight and inflexible and need lengthening, not strengthening? Not everyone needs the same work.

Most strength programs jump into advanced exercises without building your foundations first. Doing reps of wobbly lunges is just practicing and reinforcing your instability. You will take that instability into your running and it will accelerate your wear and tear.  

So is it any wonder you get another niggle?

You need a full body program, fully tailored to exactly what you need

Personal coaching? Pffft.  Sounds expensive you say….

Ah but our group training course includes personal assessments to uncover the hidden root cause of your pain and provides you with a personal bespoke program.  We even tailor the group sessions based on each specific group to fix specific imbalances.

So you don’t need to put up with injuries or simply hope for the best. As an added bonus this proces will supercharge your performance too.

Don’t take out word for it… Steve, from Tottington was ready to give up before he joined the course last year.  Now he is on his way to a half marathon.

How it all works... Our 6 step proven process


Full-body slo-mo video gait analysis. No treadmills in sight!
Unique runners MOT.
This is how we uncover the hidden root cause of your personal pain and challenges.


We use your results to create your bespoke program. Our group training sessions are shaped specifically for each group. No generic training here.


Specialist, tailored corrective exercise to build your essential foundations. Upgrade your mechanics so can achieve optimal running skill. Increase stability, reduce injury risk. Boost performance.

Skill up

First, the quick wins. You will be amazed by the difference a few tweaks can make. Build your skills over the weeks to reduce impact and make running easier. Learn to train smart. Effective training methods to keep you injury free so you can be consistent and make progress. And have fun!


Reduce & reverse wear and tear by strengthening great posture so its effortless. Build functional primal pattern movements so you are stable and resilient. Set these into the nervous system so you use them everyday. Create a body capable of the most efficient natural running style.


This process will unlock your peak potential. Our phased approach layers up skills and uses proven methodology so you don't crash and burn later. Your graduation program will keep you going until you are ready to come back for phase 2!

Are you ready to get outside your comfort zone? Learn to move smarter to build skill.

Are you fed up of battling with injuries? If you are ready to fix your body and build your running skill then Rebuild and Run is just what you are looking for.

Running is not simply about raising your heart rate and going fast. It's about building skilled control within your body. That is how to run injury free.

Who can benefit from working with us:

This program is for you if:

This program is not for you if you:

Learn what's missing from your running

We are not going to promise we can fix everything that needs fixing in just 8 weeks.  That is just not realistic. This is the start of your amazing journey. You will learn there is so much you don’t know but can love finding out.  Learning how to keep your body working the best way it can so you can stay active and running for years to come. 

Most important you will learn how to take your new skills into life so you can keep making progress and  don’t slip back to old pain creating habits.

At the end of this course you will:

8 week group course What's Included?

Launch offer!

Investment - £144

Reserve your place with £70 deposit
Then pay 2 monthly payments of £47 (total payable £164)

From injuries & niggles to pain free, strong, consistent runner

I know …. £144 seems like a lot of money.  But you get 9 hours of coaching and assessments.   I can guarantee you will never have had so much data on yourself!  You even have 12 weeks of access to our video platform so you can do your program at home.  

I can’t believe how much we pack into this course.  We know you will get so much from it, you really won’t regret it.

 Once you learn how to maintain yourself in great working order you won’t need all those regular trips to the physio either at £40 a go…

"I found the runners course online and I am so glad that I did! It has taught me loads about correct alignment, strength and stretches to help with my running! It has really helped with my marathon training and I can’t thank you enough.

I am now ready to take on the Manchester marathon injury free"

“I can’t speak highly enough of how hard they work & how much effort they put into to what they do. The level of detail they go into, even before I started the course, was quite an eye opener.

The difference they’ve made to my running & overall wellbeing is incredible… in fact, so much so that I’ve just booked on their next course”

Interested? Let's chat

Ready to know how it will work for you?  Best thing to do is book yourself in for a chat. 

We can’t wait to hear from you.  You can let us know what’s holding you back and what you would love to achieve.  We can explain how our powerful 6 step process can overcome your challenges and transform you running.

So you can each the goals that feel out of reach.

Still not convinced? Try a taster

You can book a taser session throughout May and June before the next course starts in July.  Come and try us out. For just £6 you will get 75 minutes of coaching!  We know once you try it out you will want more.

What have you got to lose?

We will let the final word come from one of our clients…..

“Seeing the gait analysis was a massive eye opener. It was clear how much my technique was causing damage - I was risking a serious injury. I did not expect to see such a big difference after such a short space of time. I run like a different person now”

We look forward to seeing you soon

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