Make running easier and smash your goals

Are you nodding yes to any of these?

Whether you are new to running or been at it a while you are beginning to realise there is more to running than you first thought.  You made good progress but it’s challenging and you are willing to admit you don’t have all the answers.  It would be great to have some tips to make running easier.

Perhaps you just want to run better? You have read about technique but implementing it is proving more tricky than you thought?   

Running is a skill and can be taught. You can make running easier

Smash those distance goals with more comfort and less fatigue

Beating PB's gets easier as you get more efficient.

Feel more capable than before, a more skilled runner. Agile, supple and strong

Be confident that you can achieve new, bigger goals, the ones that right now feel impossible

Be more knowledgable about your body, running and how to prevent injury

Imagine yourself in 6 months time hitting the goals that feel out of reach

How would it feel if running just felt easier? Running further than you thought possible achieving that dream distance in a time that right now seems impossible. Running faster is more effortless, the PB’s keep coming.

Feeling great after big runs – you know you’ve pushed yourself but don’t feel broken or like you have been beaten up. You recover well and are already planning the next one on more technical terrain, confident you know how to succeed

You feel more in harmony with your body. Supple, agile and capable.  You have less niggles and feel aware of how your body needs to work. You are so much more confident.

“I am so much more positive about running in the future, previously anything over 20 miles was sheer will power alone. But now I am feeling confident, training for 100 mile ultra. I didn’t think anything over 30 miles was possible”

Steve, Bacup

"Today I reached a milestone I didn’t believe was possible and ran 5k in under 30 minutes thank you for providing me with the tools to help me achieve this. Next up 10k in under 1 hour"

Tracey, Bacup

Hi, We are Phil and Julie. This is why we can help

Phil Young & Julie Tod jumping on a park bench

Phil is the only Senior ChiRunning Instructor and My Foot Function Trainer in the North West.  As a CHEK practitioner Julie specialises in body mechanics to help people rehab & prevent injury then supercharge their sports performance.  Combining our skills creates a powerful mix.


Battling your body or working in harmony with it?

All too often we saw clients trying to learn techniques to make running easier. But when practicing the necessary skills they were battling a body that was not ready to move that way. We knew that we could help them but needed a different approach.

We put together a step by step process, based on years of research on ourselves and working with clients.  Combining the proven power of prescription corrective exercise with the efficiency and ease of ChiRunning.  

All you need to build a body with upgraded biomechanics, capable of mastering great running technique.  It will make running easier, supercharge what you can achieve and prevent injury.  So you can enjoy running into your twilight years.  Rather than giving up with worn out knees.

It’s amazing to see the difference it makes.  We love it when we see  those light bulb moments, when it slots together.  

The joy on people’s faces is why we do what we do.

Myth #1 Running alone will fix your technique

We have seen so many runners trying to change their technique by doing more running.

Mastering a technique is more than learning HOW.  Your body must be ready and capable of moving a certain way. For example. do you have enough flexibility in glutes, hips and hammies to lengthen your stride backwards? Will your calves and achilles allow you to lean from the ankles?

What about stability? Are your hips able to prevent your feet and knees rolling in? And Are your feet capable of supporting the rest of your legs?

In our experience, for the vast majority of us being able to achieve this means doing some essential maintenance. 

Let us cut through any confusion and show you exactly what you need to do to make a real impact. 

Myth #2 All you need is strong glutes

Ever been told you need to strengthen your glutes? Or fix your hip flexors. No, wait it’s core work that will save you  – right?  There is nothing wrong with those specific exercises.  BUT, you are more than one muscle. You are a complex, connected system, a whole person. Breaking the body up into parts is never going to work. What if your glutes are already super tight and inflexible and need lengthening, not strengthening? Not everyone needs the same work.

Our unique Runners MOT allows us to tailor every program to exactly what each individual needs.  We never guess, we assess.

Most strength programs jump into advanced exercises without building your foundations first. Doing reps of wobbly lunges is just practicing and reinforcing your instability. You will take that instability into your running

Our phased approach builds your essential foundations so you build exceptional biomechanics which allow you to develop movement skill.

"My last 0.5km split pace time says it all. I felt relaxed and comfortable, breathing aerobically (so not busting my guts), I feel I could have easily continued this for longer. I have previously very rarely hit that pace"

Sharon, Harwood

How It all Works

Our Unique Process

Our Runner's MOT is sooo much more than gait analysis

Our runners MOT is so much more than the gait analysis you get in a trainer shop.  It will take about 60-90 minutes, plus our time to analyse and report back.

You don’t run with just your feet so we look at your overall posture and use full body, slo-mo video to see where you are today.  We want to see you in a real environment so no treadmills here.  We even compare trainers on / trainers off, walking and running.

But that is only part of the picture.  We will also measure your structures – spine, pelvis, shoulders and range of motion in key muscles and joints to understand exactly what needs to change to build efficient running. 

Rick was in the early stages of his running journey but had his sights set on swim-run events.  He knew learning good technique from the get-go would allow him to succeed. He had this to say about his MOT:

“I was overwhelmed by how thorough the MOT was. Every possible measurement was taken to find any misalignments in my body. I definitely felt in safe hands and Julie really knew what she was doing” 

Rick, Ramsbottom

Julie Tod of Your Peak Potential performing a consultation on a client

Unique approach, great results

We use all the powerful data from your MOT to design a bespoke program. You cannot resolve imbalances with generic workouts. You need an exercise prescription, created just for you.  One that lengthens your short tight muscles and strengthens the long and loose ones.  These are different for everyone.  ONly then can you build efficient movement patterns.

Having functional and strong foundations and building your running onto these is what will make all the difference when it comes to mastering technique and becoming super efficient. It is this combination of movement, running and breathing skills that will make running easier. 


Step by step process


Full-body slo-mo video gait analysis. No treadmills in sight! Unique runners MOT. This is how we uncover the hidden root cause of your personal pain and challenges.


We use your results to design your bespoke program. Everything is tailored to your unique start point and your goals.. Generic training programs cannot resolve individual issues.


Specialist, tailored corrective exercise to build your essential foundations. Upgrade your mechanics so can achieve optimal running skill. Increase stability, reduce injury risk. Boost performance.

Skill up

First, feel the difference the quick wins can make. Then build your skills over the weeks to reduce impact and make running easier.
Learn to train smart. Effective training methods to keep you injury free so you can be consistent and make progress. And have fun!


Reduce & reverse wear and tear by strengthening great posture so its effortless. Build functional primal pattern movements so you are stable and resilient. Set these into the nervous system so you use them everyday. Create a body capable of the most efficient natural running style. 


The whole process will unlock your peak potential. Our phased approach layers up skills and uses proven methodology so you continue to progress without risk of crash and burn. It's not a destination it's all about the continuing journey.

The quick wins are just the beginning

This approach is not quick fix.  BIG results come from small changes that compound up overtime. A bit like any sensible fitness or health plan you need to build skills and habits that last a lifetime.  

You will see and feel a difference quickly, but that is the tip of the iceberg. Consistent pratice and layering up skills is how you will really make running easier. Our phased appraoch allows you to build your skills at a pace that works for you.

"Fantastic work and a good laugh at the same time"

Tracey, Bacup

Are you ready to embrace a a new way of running?

In the words of our clients… this approach will turn everything you think you know on it’s head.

If you are ready to train smarter, instead of just harder and are open to new ideas to make running easier, then is just waht you are looking for.  

Come with a beginners mind and take a step sideways to take a MASSIVE leap forward. It will change everything and you will be amazed at the results.

This approach is for you if:

This approach is not for you if:

From 5k to Ultra, we have the right package for you

We have helped so many runners break down mental and physical limitations and challenges. No matter what your starting point  we have a package to get you to the next level.

What’s best for you – group training or 121 coaching?

Rebuild & Run 8 week group training course

New to running technique?

Live near BL7?

Our 8 week Rebuild & Run course will take your running to all new heights in just 8 weeks.  You will have alternating corrective exercise sessions and ChiRunning coaching sessions with simple to follow homework. We will provide the accountability you need and to make a real difference in a relatively short time.  

One of a kind group training  

We manage to combine group coaching with a bespoke element to hit a cost effective price point.  The price includes your personal mini MOT at the start and a bespoke program to target exactly what you need to upgrade your biomechanics.  Our group sessions are never generic and are tailored to meet the needs of each specific group.  

This is a great value package with big benefits.  This investment into your running will provide massive payback.

Why did Steve book our course after completing an ultra-marathon?

I signed up as I needed to be more efficient over long distances but I quickly realised that my priority was not long distances.  Seeing my running technique in slo-mo was terrifying.  Especially given the terrain I run on - in the hills on rocky paths.  I was an accident waiting to happen"

Steve, Bacup

121 Coaching Bundles

Live further afield?  Can’t make consecutive 8 weeks?

Got a specific goal you are working to?

Want the flexibility of 121 sessions at times and frequency to suit your schedule?

Bundles of 121 coaching sessions will be best for you.  These are designed to be flexible so you can learn at your own pace, frequency and budget.  We even offer interest free monthly payment options. 

How many sessions will I need?

Step 1 is always a Runners MOT so we can gain a clear picture of where you are and advise the best way forward.  

The Build Your foundations package is 4 corrective sessions and 4 ChiRunning techqnique sessions.  You could take a session every week or split them across 4 months. All packages include your bespoke program of run drills, realistic flexibility and strength programs to do at home with video platform guidance. All you need to make huge strides forwards.

Rebuild & Run group course includes:

Foundations 121 package includes:

"I know they will have put through your paces and it will be tough at times.  But one thing I can guarantee is they will make it a lot of fun. That's one of the easiest ways to learn new skills.  You are working with the best and you are in safe hands"

Gray Caws - UK Oxygen Advantage MAster Instructor, Adventures in Movement

Make running easier

8 week group course £144

  • 8 hours coaching + Runners MOT
  • (or pay £74 deposit and 2 monthly payments of £45)

121 Coaching £534

  • 8 hours coaching, 90 min full Runners MOT, Program design & platform access
  • Pay over 2, 3 or 4 monthly instalments

Sound good? Let's chat

The first step is easy…. Use the calendar below to pick a date and time for a chat. We'd love to hear from you.

“I can’t speak highly enough of how hard they work & how much effort they put into to what they do. The level of detail they go into, even before I started the course, was quite an eye opener. The difference they’ve made to my running & overall wellbeing is incredible… in fact, so much so that I’ve just booked on their next course”

"Phil has been thorough, patient and enthusiastic throughout our time working together - he has highlighted some really important elements of my normal running style that are potentially hampering my performance without me even knowing, and explained how and why certain areas should be targeted through enhancement of my technique, posture and breathing."

What will happen on the call?

Nothing to worry about! We don’t do hard sell, it’s just a friendly chat so you can tell us about your running and what your challenges are. It’s the best way for us to start to find out if we are a good fit for each other. We have limited places and we only take on clients we are confident we can get a result for. And we want you to be confident that our approach is right for you. 

What have you got to lose?

We look forward to seeing you soon

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